Monday, March 31, 2008

20th Week

Tomorrow is the big day. Hopefully the caffeine Beth drinks will make the baby show it's stuff. LOL I will post on Wednesday the results. I am still thinking girl. out

Monday, March 24, 2008

19th week

Almost half way there. We go to the Dr for the 20 week ultrasound next Tuesday. Wish us good blessings.

The whole Family traveled to Florida last week for my Granddad's 85th Birthday. It was great to see the family and I played golf a lot. We stopped by a Florida State Store to buy a infant Seminole Outfit for the baby. Beth had already bought an Auburn outfit and you can't get FSU stuff in Huntsvegas. We still have to buy a infant outfit for the Vols, Titans, Braves, Patriots, and Yankees. Sure alot of sports outfits LOL.

We got our granite counter tops installed by Southern Stone on Thursday. Thanks Jon. They look awesome. I installed a ceramic back splash around the sink and faucet when we got back from Florida Sunday night. I have to grout on Monday and install the new faucet. I also added some more decorative tile above the Guest Bathroom's Shower. We donated the old counter tops, sink, faucet, and a dresser to Habitat for Humanity. Tax Deductions baby, yea.

Monday, March 17, 2008

18th week

My Dad's side of the Family is growing very quickly. My younger cousin Aaron and his wife Kristin had a baby girl in December. My other cousin Tracy and her her husband Michael are having a girl in April. My other cousin Robert and his newlywed wife Genny our having a girl in July, and my other cousin Amy and her husband Jason are having their 3rd child in September sometime. Plus Beth's older sister Becky is due to deliver their twin boys in April. LOL Beth is up and down but with more ups than downs. Vacation to Florida for my Grandfather's 85th Bday is this weekend. Out

Monday, March 10, 2008

Week 17

I am keep jinxing Beth when I say her nausea is over so I will just say hopefully the neighbor has left the house. lol Start of week 17. 3 weeks till D-day. We will hopefully find out the sex of our baby. Some of us are predicting a girl, because I was so wild. late

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

16th Week Start

We went to Beth's Doctor yesterday and everything looked great. Heart beat was exactly 150 bpm just like the last visit. The Doctor asked how big were we as babies; Beth was around 7 1/2 lbs and I was around 8 something. We were both early. The doctor said Beth is carrying a very big baby. LOL Beth did not want to hear that at all. We go for the 20 week checkup on April 1st. Hopefully the baby will cooperate so we can determine the sex of our baby. I am thinking girl because I was a little wild in my early years. Beth hopes for a girl because she does not think she could handle two men in her life. Just imagine the grocery bills. Late.