Wednesday, July 30, 2008

37th Week

Went to the Dr yesterday. Walker measured 41 weeks and weighs approximately 7 1/2 lbs. Beth is doing good but remains tired. Out

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Dr. did not do an ultrasound. We will have one next week. Dr thinks Walker weighs between 7 and 8 lbs right now. Not good news to Beth. out

Monday, July 21, 2008

Start of the 36th Week

We head to the Dr. today. I think she is planning on doing an ultrasound for measurements, i.e. how big is he. Beth is not sleeping as good as she was before, but she says she is sleeping better than her friends who have been pregnant. Thank goodness for the Select Comfort Mattress we bought a couple years ago. Sweet bed.

Oh Yea. The dogs are doing well. They sleep under the deck all night then I feed them around 830 and they go wild till midnight. I hate summer because the dogs are the loudest at night. Hopefully Georgie will be going into heat around the end of August. Christmas puppies, Oh Yea.


Monday, July 14, 2008

35th Week Big Post

Beth's 35th Week Update:

Beth is doing great. Not traveling to Braves games has helped her a lot. Walker is moving more and is growing. I know nothing new but hey at least I blog. LOL Walker had hiccups last night. I guess Cake and Pasta equals GAS.

Played softball for my old company. I called a friend Stacy to play and she did awesome. She had 3 RBIS and made a good catch for an out at second.

Beth had a Shower at her family's Church in Arab Saturday Night. Thanks to Betty, Darla, and April for throwing a great shower. My Mom and my Sister came down to look at Walker's Nursery and to attend the shower. The ladies played 2 games. The 1st game was a relay game where the ladies blew up a balloon and placed the balloon i.e the baby under their shirt and then delivered the baby i.e popped the ballon. Beth's team with her sister, mom, and my sister won. The next game was a timed event where the ladies held a baby, talked on the phone, and placed clothes on a drier line. Beth came in 2nd, Atta girl. Beth received a lot if presents and the cake looked great.

My niece Emma is one special little lady. She is the only granddaughter/daughter on three sides. Beth's Sister is Emma's Mom and she also has twins baby brothers Andrew and Avery. Beth's Sister's Husband's Sister has 3 boys. And my Sister has two boys. Now Beth and I are expecting Walker. So 1 girl out of 6 boys. She is the boss. Attached is a picture of Emma at the shower and sitting in Walker's new Chair. Emma loves Auburn Football and her Uncle Jeff. My Mother is dying for a little granddaughter and my sister would probably move to our house if our next child is a girl.


Monday, July 7, 2008

34th Week

Catch all Post.

Beth is feeling more tired each week. The baby is moving and growing. I am predicting aboput 2 weeks early.

The Shower at our church for Beth and the baby was awesome. We were so blessed with so many beautiful things. Beth and both of our families were awestruck with the amount of attendees and presents. Beth's mom and Sister attended as well as my parents.

Thursday Beth and I went went to the Braves game with the Shep's. Braves lost but it was nice to sleep in at the Westin in Atlanta. Friday we went to Beth's Parents house for dinner and fireworks our little niece shot off. Late

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Everything looked great at the Dr. Walker is moving and heart beat is very strong. Baby is 3 measuring 3 weeks early. We head back to the Dr on week 36. I need to start a prediction poll for Walker's Delivery Date.

Have a Happy 4th and Go Braves!!