Tuesday, May 27, 2008

28th week

Beth is doing great. Walker is growing and moving. We head to the Dr next week for an ultrasound and Jasper for the 4-D ultrasound. We are buying outfits left and right. Take that back; I am buying outfits left and right. LOL

Memorial Day Weekend was great. We had all our families up to our house on Saturday for a cookout. Sunday we went to Arab for Donna's B-day. Monday Beth and I slept in, went for a walk, then went to the Stacy's from church for a cookout. It was very nice. Out

Friday, May 23, 2008

Weekend Update

We are having both families to our house Saturday Afternoon for dinner and catch-up. Sunday, Beth and I head to Arab for Beth's Mothers Bday. I think Monday we will have some friends over for dinner but nothing confirmed. I head to D.C. for business next week and play a softball tourney on Friday for Work. Next

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

27th week

Blogger did not like my post yesterday so I am reposting but I am tired.

Beth is doing good. Walker is moving.

Went to Braves game Sat night. Beth and I are Braves Offical Jinx. Westin Hotel was nice.

Company picnic on Sunday.

We head to Dr for Sugar Test on Beth.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Gene Stallings is a nice guy

I attended the University of Alabama for my Freshman year. Gene Stallings was the coach who just won the Football National Championship the previous year; his first year as head coach. It is well known that Gene is a member of the Church of Christ. Well on my flight home from Dallas on Friday, Gene and I sat next to each other in 1st Class. He was real nice to everyone that hounded him for an autograph and picture. I read my book about how to be a good father for most of the flight and Gene spoke to people on the plane. When we landed I asked him if he would sign my book for my son Walker. I told Gene that we were expecting in August and he was impressed that I was trying to be a good dad. Gene signed a nice note to Walker and graciously thanked me for not bothering him during the flight. Sounds like a bunch of Alabama fans are a little over zealous when they meet Gene. Gene and I walked down the ramp from the plane to the Airport where we were greeted by Huntsville Mayor Spencer and her associates. Gene again thanked me and shook my hand. I left with a very good impression of Mr. Stallings. He was very nice and cordial to everyone. While I was looking for my keys in my carry-on bag, an apparent Alabama fan came up to me in the airport and asked if I was sitting next to Gene Stallings on the plane. I concurred and the fan let out a little yelp and said cool, then the guy continued his cell phone conversation to someone that indeed Gene was on his plane. Gotta love Bama Fans.

Monday, May 12, 2008

26th Week

Went to Arab Saturday to see Beth's Mom and went to Nashvegas for Mother's Day on Sunday for my Mom. Ate alot and enjoyed being off travel. Walker kicked my wrist twice Saturday Night while I was holding Beth. Talk about an athlete. LOL

25th Week

Beth is doing great. Walker is moving and grwoing. I traveled to San Bernardino for work and ate at alot of In and Outs. LOL

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Finally done with Kitchen Remodel

Got the Granite from Southern Stone, thanks Jon; and the travertine tile was specially ordered from Lowes. I burned out a tile saw blade and a couple of sponges and some skin. Had to get a new sink and faucet. The kitchen is finally done.