Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Gene Stallings is a nice guy

I attended the University of Alabama for my Freshman year. Gene Stallings was the coach who just won the Football National Championship the previous year; his first year as head coach. It is well known that Gene is a member of the Church of Christ. Well on my flight home from Dallas on Friday, Gene and I sat next to each other in 1st Class. He was real nice to everyone that hounded him for an autograph and picture. I read my book about how to be a good father for most of the flight and Gene spoke to people on the plane. When we landed I asked him if he would sign my book for my son Walker. I told Gene that we were expecting in August and he was impressed that I was trying to be a good dad. Gene signed a nice note to Walker and graciously thanked me for not bothering him during the flight. Sounds like a bunch of Alabama fans are a little over zealous when they meet Gene. Gene and I walked down the ramp from the plane to the Airport where we were greeted by Huntsville Mayor Spencer and her associates. Gene again thanked me and shook my hand. I left with a very good impression of Mr. Stallings. He was very nice and cordial to everyone. While I was looking for my keys in my carry-on bag, an apparent Alabama fan came up to me in the airport and asked if I was sitting next to Gene Stallings on the plane. I concurred and the fan let out a little yelp and said cool, then the guy continued his cell phone conversation to someone that indeed Gene was on his plane. Gotta love Bama Fans.

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