Tuesday, December 2, 2008

15th and 16th Week

No more weekly updates.
Here is a pic for you Joy.


laura said...

Oh my goodness this is precious. He is a doll.

Sunny said...

I love it! He is SO cute!!!

I was looking at some of your previous posts and can I just say, WOW!!! I can't believe the amount of food your dogs eat! Our poor little dog just got dry dog food!

Jeff and Beth said...

More than 400 lbs of dogs require lots of junk food. LOL

Joy said...

So I'm a little behind--thanks for the picture. I'm such a sucker for those hats. The proof is Ben's hat on our Christmas cards. He loves it, but won't dare wear it to school for fear that his "friends will all laugh at him". Enjoy those "fun" hats while you can!