Thursday, April 17, 2008

21st and 22nd week update

I went out of town twice last week for government business. Beth stayed at the house with a guard dog inside, Pheobe and Georgie, LOL. We then headed to Nashville for my Mom's Birthday on Friday night and to watch my oldest nephew play in a baseball tourney. Sunday morning Beth and I left for our annual anniversary vacation. This year we could not go to Hawaii due to Beth's sister expecting to deliver her twin boys very shortly. So we went to LA and had a blast. Went to a romantic dinner on Redondo Beach Sunday Night. Then we went to Hollywood, downtown LA, Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive for shopping, then to a Dodgers Game Monday. Tuesday we headed down the Pacific Coast Highway for beach day. Then we headed back up to LA on the 5 and 405. Traffic out there is wild. Wednesday morning we headed to LAX Airport at 0330 Hrs for our flight back to HSV. Beth's sister as previously mentioned was scheduled to have a C-section on Wednesday at 1100. We got to the hospital about 45 minutes after the boys were taken to see their MOM. The twins are very cute and healthy.

Beth is doing great. Walker is growing and is moving a lot now. Out

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