Monday, April 28, 2008

24th Week and New Mower

Most important first; the new mower, just kidding. Beth is doing great. We are heading for our 6 month checkup Tuesday afternoon. It is hard to believe we are down to 3 months and counting. We have decided to hire a subcontractor to paint and add the chair rail to the nursery. Beth helped me paint some crown molding we put up in our 1st home but chemicals are now a no no for pregnancies. So we have to find a good sub to make Walker's room pretty. We had to the Dr tomorrow for a quick checkup.

Update on our kitchen remodel. The 81 Travertine Tiles are finally installed. I am beat. I burned out my Tile Wet Saw Blade on Sunday on the last cut. I will clean off the tile tonight and install the grout tomorrow before my softball game. Finally after 5 weeks our remodel will be done.

Our new mower is awesome. A John Deere LX255 with a bagger is so sweet. We have multiple people wanting to buy our old mower tonight. I probably will mow the grass alot more now, Beth will be happy. LOL

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